Brand Story & Beliefs

Power that flows from within, shines through your skin.

There is an endless spectrum of expression and power in all of us, waiting to see the light and inspire the world. With just a brush and the palette we choose to be ours, we trace the unseen and tell the unspoken.
To Vera Milano and the woman behind it, this is the true essence of makeup. Funky, wise, intense, or calm, how you define yourself and project your inner truth is always up to you.

From Vera to Vera Milano

Inspired by our founder, award-winning makeup artist Vera Al Fata, we believe that beauty is wearing your true colors with confidence and pride.
For over two decades, Vera’s philosophy led her to explore ways to push the boundaries of conventional products and techniques. Working with the most inspiring and powerful women of the Middle East, she always aimed to reflect the truest expression of their colorful personalities. Through her years as a creative consultant and partner for influential beauty brands, Vera perfected her craft from product creation to final impact.

At the heart of her journey to Vera Milano was a single objective: To give every woman the tools to express her individuality, freely and without compromise.
To Vera, products that bring you close enough are not an option.

Verafied beauty

There are over 4 billion women on Earth and infinite more ways to express femininity, and nothing makes us happier than seeing them in all their colorful glory!

The products we design are meant to create endless possibilities of self-expression and ignite your imagination. With rich pigments, skin-loving ingredients, and blendable textures, our collection gives you all the versatility and precision to show the world who you truly are, exactly the way you want it.

Your true colors are the wings that lift you.

Trust your wings.

Beauty is cruelty free

Our products and pigments are inspired by nature and aim to protect its beauty. Vegan and cruelty-free, our products are gentle on your skin and the environment!

Shapes, sizes, and shades make the world go round.

We see beauty in diversity, and our collection is designed to bring out the best in every woman. Far from limiting palettes and seasonal trends, our inclusive range of products and brushes are designed to help each woman achieve the shapes and hues that match her identity.

Expressing yourself should be easy and fun above all else.

With our products’ rich pigments and fine cut textures, you’ll be ready to take on the day in a single glide. We source our materials from top-notch specialists in Milano to give you a lush professional finish that lasts all day, rain or shine!

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