Vera Feta

 Who is Vera?

It was in KSA that she embarked on her beauty products journey with the launch of PAVERA, a brand made by a professional for professionals and amateurs alike. Working one-on-one with clients allowed her to quickly discover the transformative power makeup had on women. Her vision was to create a makeup line that would celebrate individuality and empower women. In 2014 VERY VERA was born to put the spotlight on women in Australia.
Today, VERA is more than ever inspired to create innovative new products, carefully manufactured to answer the needs of today’s woman and help her get the best results in a simple, easy and efficient way, while also helping professionals shine and glow.
          What We Do              
With her new VERA MILANO, Vera wanted to create makeup for all women and all occasions. She picked unusual materials and created colorful hues, resulting in a bright spectrum of richly pigmented shades, because every woman deserves to feel confident and shine!
VERA MILANO is the fruit of her long experience in all things makeup, a celebration of freedom and an empowerment to every woman everywhere!

 Our Products' Quality

There’s a lot to be said about how beauty products contribute to our well-being, self- confidence, and feeling of empowerment. It’s one thing to apply a product we love; but it’s another to know that the product in question was created by a woman who gets it.
VERA has always been fascinated by makeup. Her passion for all things beauty took her to Paris where she pursued her degrees in prestigious beauty institutes, to return to her motherland and reap awards at several beauty competitions.

Cruelty Free Approach

Vera is cruelty-free. None of Vera's ingredients, formulations, or finished products are tested on animals anywhere in the world.

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